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Same Day Peace of Mind

Pet Ultrasound & Cardiac Imaging Center

We take the images and provide you and your veterinarian with a written report from a certified radiologist or cardiologist within hours

Abdominal US & Report   $595

Cardiac US/ECG/Xrays & Report   $1075

Pregnancy Scan   $190

What We Do

We now have a Pet imaging Center in South Florida providing same day ultrasound services for Wellness Scans and Diagnostics.  


Pet Ultrasound Now is centrally located in Fort Lauderdale and uses telemedicine to address a specific need heard repeatedly in the pet community - waiting for imaging services for pets.  When your treating or veterinarian says to you that they suspect a mass or foreign body might be present in your pet, you do not want to wait days, weeks or months to get the news. Pet parents are often scheduled for an ultrasound several days out or sent to an emergency facility for care unless the treating veterinarian has an ultrasound and skilled technicians on premises.  The same is true for cardiac workups when the treating veterinarian notices a heart murmur or other abnormality and wants to further investigate the condition and refers you to veterinary cardiologists that often have waiting times for months to see patients. 


The same technology can be used for pet pregnancy or wellness scans. If you want to know about your pet's pregnancy, you can get quick news on that as well. Additionally, following the trend in human medicine, pets can now have wellness scans for preventive medicine to identify areas of concern for your pet's internal health at early and treatable stages.


Pet Ultrasound Now utilizes highly skilled ultrasound​, radiograph and ECG technicians and state of the art telemedicine to deliver results usually within several hours. A radiologist or cardiologist reviews the images sent to them along with the pet's history and issues a written report with medical findings and recommendations for the pet. These results can be provided directly to the pet parent and used in the manner they see fit along with the expertise of their treating veterinarian. 

Pet Ultrasound Now

2201 N Dixie Hwy, Wilton Manors, FL 33305

(954) 706 - 5660

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